Bead and Proceed Epic

Bead and Proceed also does an “EPIC” version for corporates and organisations keen to take it to the next level. Includes all the benefits of the original Bead and Proceed PLUS a 3 hour fully facilitated workshop with two parts:


Bead and Proceed Founder presents the following:

  • SDGs in detail (discussing their history and breaks down all 169 targets).

  • Explains why the SDGs are important for the commercial sector and and how the SDGs can help the host business/company/organisation.

  • Identifies what SDGs are important to the host business/company/organisation.

  • Outlines how the host business/company/organisation can maximise their SDG impact.

  • The workshop is tailored to the host business/company/organisationand can focus on a specific SDG.


  • Participants split into groups of seven and each group has their own Bead and Proceed Kit.

  • While participants paint their top five SDGs, they work through the Roadmap and find out more about their colleagues and peers (this is where the rich conversation happens) –a team bonding activity like no other.

  • Participants are also encouraged to come up with a project that contributes to an SDG and at the end of the workshop, the groups present their ideas. 

  • SDG prize pack for the winning group (and the business/company/organisation encourage to implement the winning group’s project).

  • Bead and Proceed can also organiseSDG aligned beverages to make the painting more fun and social.