In a nutshell we’re a social enterprise that exists to educate and inspire people to action the SDGs. But let’s unpack this…what’s the problem we’re trying to achieve?


Global leaders and all UN Member States, including New Zealand, are committed to achieving the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs address the biggest issues facing our society and aim to help make the world a better place - ending poverty, preventing climate change, saving life on land and in our waters and eradicating inequality. The problem is, the SDGs are to be achieved by 2030 and there is a lack of awareness and engagement to put them into action.


Bead and Proceed is a creative group activity where individuals come together to each paint a five-beaded necklace that represents the five SDGs most important to them and that they want to work on. Bead and Proceed serves as a catalyst to empower and inspire action towards the SDGs from a grassroots level. This is achieved by the activity itself, providing creative energy for ideas to flow, thoughts and insights about global issues to be honestly and authentically communicated while using the SDGs as a discussion framework.

For every Bead and Proceed Kit purchased, another is donated to a low decile school or community organisation inspiring future generations to be agents of positive change.


Individuals and companies purchase a Bead and Proceed Kit online. Each Kit caters for a group of seven and includes all the necessary materials. The five painted beads represent the SDGs that are the most important to the participant.

While participants paint, the group follows the Bead and Proceed Roadmap, which serves as a guide to shape the conversation and ensure consistent learning outcomes for participants. The Roadmap provides helpful resources, activities, tips and tricks to gain a better understanding of the SDGs and encourages participants to come up with projects or ideas that work towards solving the SDGs in their community.